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People Like Us - DO or DIY - Wet Sounds - The Best Of All Things Particularly Avant Retard FLAC album

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Pet Sounds" was a departure from their earlier work, with the group being mostly known for sugary surfing songs and rock releases. Shortly after the album's debut, the band was pressured to start recording again. Even before The Beach Boys would release new material just a year later, with their album "Smiley Smile," their label put out two "Best Of" compilations to apparently distract fans from "Pet Sounds" and cash out on their previous image. The slow start out of the gate for "Pet Sounds" is quite at odds with the album's eventual reception, with Rolling Stone calling it the second-greatest album of all time in 2012 and Pitchfork declaring "Pet Sounds" track "God Only Knows" to be the best song of the entire 1960s. It took a while to catch on, but 50 years later, it appears it has been very worthwhile," Jardine told The Huffington Post.

Best sounding and best produced are two different things. Some of the best produced albums already mentioned here are far from the best sounding and vice-versa. The great producer is primarily concerned with getting the best performance from the artist regardless of the sound (although that's always a concern). Aliens Ate My Buick by Thomas Dolby - more electronic, but some great funky bass sounds with really broad dynamic range across the whole album, and a lovely variety of sounds. Dummy by Portishead - really set a new level for its type of music.

This album creeps up on you. It begins sparsely and slowly builds to a madness that could only come from the mind of Sun Ra. The juxtaposition of solo instruments with sections of complete chaos not only keep this album entertaining, but unfold new and unexpected connections with each listen. There is so much happening at once that you need to choose a thread-be that a saxophone, bass, or the piano-and follow it throughout the improvisations. Science Fiction even features poetry, a baby crying, and what sounds like the bass of Charlie Haden through effects pedals. The album captures a transitional time for Coleman to a more electrified sound. Albums that represent a shift in sound and direction often sound the freshest. This album is brimming with confidence in the playing and some of the solos are truly original.

Some people like to put their entire collection in one place-one room or one bookshelf. I like to spread my collection out around my home with only three to five pieces in a room or area. It keeps the collection from being overwhelming, and it allows me to enjoy it where ever I am. There is one caveat to collecting. If your collection becomes too large, pare it down by narrowing the focus of the collection

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It didn’t matter that Pet Sounds was influential, regularly dominating greatest albums of all time lists. For me, The Beach Boys (California Girls, I Get Around, Good Vibrations) evoked sun, sea, sand, and faraway west coast Americana. Amid the myriad musical styles (psychedelia, jazz, choral, classical, avant garde) and notorious cacophony (barking dogs, trains, bells), it details the fragile arc of a relationship, rising euphorically (Wouldn’t It Be Nice?), struggling and doubting (That’s Not Me), then inevitably falling (I Just Wasn’t Made for These Times).

People like us, we take lovers like pills Just hoping to cure what we know we can't fix We'll lay in their arms and we'll say pretty things We'll be there but not there, but we'll still get our kicks

We'll have things fixed soon. The album went on to be extremely influential in the art rock and baroque pop movements and is praised as one of the greatest rock albums ever made. The album even inspired The Beatles to create the critically lauded Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. From the first cut to last we were treated to an intense, linear personal vision of the vagaries of a love affair and the painful, introverted anxieties that are the wrenching precipitates of the unstable chemistry of any love relationship


1 Wet Sounds 1 7:55
2 Wet Sounds 2 6:17
3 Wet Sounds 3 10:33
4 Wet Sounds 4 3:49
5 Wet Sounds 5 7:32
6 Wet Sounds 6 11:15
7 Wet Sounds 7 9:12
8 Wet Sounds 8 3:10
9 Wet Sounds 9 11:08
10 Wet Sounds 10 3:21


Album-length compilation of the best of DO or DIY from the summer season on WFMU, 2007.

DO or DIY is a freeform sound art radio show broadcast weekly by Vicki Bennett (project name People Like Us) on WFMU.
People Like Us - DO or DIY - Wet Sounds - The Best Of All Things Particularly Avant Retard FLAC album
DO or DIY - Wet Sounds - The Best Of All Things Particularly Avant Retard
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