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Brian and Max dive into the differences in clipping between overdrive, distortion and fuzz. Then Brian really breaks it down DIY style

If you have no idea how electrical circuits work, or what people mean then they talk about volts and amps, hopefully I can shed a bit light. I’m intending this post to be a simple introduction to electrical circuits for anyone who doesn’t know, but is interested. Going to keep the post simple and cover the following: Main parts of an electrical circuit (voltage, current and resistance). How the main parts are related (the famous Ohm’s law). Power in an electrical circuit. Tying everything together with a few examples. Working with circuits. When talking about electrical circuits there are three main quantities to consider - voltage, current and resistance. Voltage is the driving force that makes every thing work

Find out what circuits are and how circuits make electronic devices work. This extraordinary shrinkage of electronic circuits made desktop computers possible. In this article, we'll learn about the two basic types of electric circuits: Power circuits transfer and control large amounts of electricity. Examples are power lines and residential and business wiring systems.

Electronic Circuits - Electronic circuits can come in a wide variety of configurations. Learn about some of the different types of electronic circuits and integrated circuits. They discovered how to combine or integrate several transistors and resistors and connect them to form a circuit, all on the same small chip of silicon. Today, very complex electronic systems -like microprocessors containing millions of transistors - can fit on a single inch-square silicon chip. These integrated circuits are what ­make­ modern-day computers possible. Related HowStuffWorks Articles. How Electricity Works. How Fluorescent Lamps Work. How Power Distribution Grids Work. How Light Bulbs Work. How Circuit Breakers Work. How Microprocessors Work.

Conversely, parallel circuits split the current flow into multiple paths, so a single failure does not shut down the entire circuit. It is definitely not possible to explain how electrical circuits work in a span of 1 or 2 paragraphs. The electrical circuit theory has a lot of physics laws which is a whole big subject after all. I suspect if anyone can explain you in a matter of 1 or 2 sentences.

Introducing How Computers Work. What makes a computer, a computer? Binary & data. Circuits & Logic. This is the currently selected item. CPU, memory, input & output. Adafruit founder Limor Fried and virtual reality designer Nat Brown show how simple logical circuits underly everything your computer does. Introducing How Computers Work.

How does a miniaturized integrated circuit do the same job as a much larger, conventional electron circuit?. An easy-to-understand introduction to integrated circuits, why we need them, how we make them, and how they were invented in the 1950s.

I want to know how circuits work ? Tags:circuit electronics transistor condensor resistor capacitor led. Discussions. The amount of WORK that can be done by the elecricity is a measure of POWER, which is measured in Watts. It's the volts (how much the electrons want to get from - to +), times the amps: (how many of them there are). Analogy time! Small creek flowing on almost flat terrain: low amps, low volts low watts.

I'm tempted to give up on electronics and stick with mechanical contrivances. At least with things mechanical one can see how they work.

How Circuits Work - How Circuits Work FLAC album
How Circuits Work
How Circuits Work
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