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Электронная книга "Minding the Body: The body in psychoanalysis and beyond", Alessandra Lemma.

Poop is rich with energy, so much so that it can be used as a source of electrical power. For a program I hosted about the fascinating world of feces, we visited a farm in Ontario where a third-generation farmer, who originally trained as an engineer, set up a biogas operation on his family’s dairy farm. Every day, waste from the cows – along with human waste from the farm’s toilets and other organic waste – is pumped into an anaerobic digester. The digester is filled with microbes that feed on the poop and produce methane and other gases.

Beyond the Body: The Ongoing Usefulness of Poop Modern technology has made it easy to minimize how much we think about poop. Most of the time, our poop literally flushes out of sight, out of mind, and far away from our noses. Beyond the Body: The Ongoing Usefulness of Poop.

No, different parts of the body – the skin, vagina, gut – all have very different, distinct communities of microbes. While gut microbes have gained a lot of attention, microbes elsewhere are also important: in recent studies, scientists have found that bacteria commonly found on the skin might help to protect against skin cancer.

The microbiome is home to around 80% of your immune system and 95% of your happy neurotransmitter serotonin. Your second brain controls your mood, weight, hormones, and even your genetic expression, and as long as it contains a good mix of beneficial bacteria and yeasts, your body should hum along nicely. However, sometimes pathogenic bacteria and yeasts get the upper hand and when that happens, your health can take a wrong turn. While a Paleo diet can help to control yeast, serious cases of overgrowth may need more intervention and some food limitations and additions that go beyond the basic rules of Paleo. Problem Food Intolerance. Eating a Paleo diet means ditching many of the immunoreactive and inflammatory foods you might have been eating before (such as gluten, sugar, and bad fats), and that’s a great start.

Looking beyond the gut. Most deals related to the microbiome have been for therapeutics that treat illnesses of the gastrointestinal tract like Crohn's disease and inflammatory bowel disease. Yet, there is growing interest in how the microbiome can be manipulated to treat diseases in other areas of the body. Most notably, companies are taking a look at how the microbiome could be used in the immuno-oncology space, a particularly hot area of drug development at the moment.

The human microbiome, the collective genome of the microbial community that is on and within us, has recently been mapped. The initial characterization of healthy subjects has provided investigators with a reference population for interrogating the microbiome in metabolic, intestinal, and reproductive health and disease states. Although it is known that bacteria can colonize the vagina, recent metagenomic studies have shown that the vaginal microbiome varies among reproductive age women

The Human Micro Biome. Autor: Rachel, September 4, 2017, 1,081 Words (5 Pages), 100 Views. This study is important because the finding highlight the importance of performing longitudinal microbiome studies to examine the influence of microbial communities on health and disease. Micro Cars Limited - Workshop Project Proposal. Nature of Human Being and It's Reason for Being. What Makes Me a Human Being. The New Director of Human Resources. Human Resources Development.

Micro Biome - Beyond the Body: The Ongoing Usefulness of Poop FLAC album
Micro Biome
Beyond the Body: The Ongoing Usefulness of Poop
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